OMR specification and unofficial files

Re: OMR specification and unofficial files
Definitely I don't agree. A published model should be usable as such. I remember struggling for hours to find again parts in a model I wanted to build, as these parts were renamed and their history lost. Origin change is less of a problem, but can be tricky sometimes. At least if you can see the part you know what it is, and if a better version is available you can update it.
Quote:I'm not sure the average virtual builder is even aware of those specifications, models out of the OMR (like in Eurobicks) will keep on not included unofficial parts.
And that's a shame. It's so easy and so useful... I know it's a lost cause, but everytime I see discussions telling "Can't build this model because this part is missing" I insist on useage of MPDcenter or MPDwizard to include unofficial parts!
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