Pneumatic valve naming

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(2015-12-31, 17:28)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: IMHO the c0x should be reserved for the various assemblies of elements (eg. with different colors). Different position of moveable parts are still the same part with same coloring, so they should get the same c0x suffix, and a -px suffix to indicate the various positions. And finally we don't need the c0x at all when the design number of the complete assembly is known.

I agree, and have always been a little concerned about the mixed usage of c0x suffixes. I would prefer a different letter to 'p' to avoid potential confusion with patterned assemblies.

For example, if we wanted a different positioned version of 52258p01c01, then 52258p01c01-p1 might be confusing.
Would 'a', for arrangement, work?

So, for example:

Renumber these official files, and create Move to-files.
99798a => 99798-a1
99798b => 99798-a2

74981a => 74981-a1
74981b => 74981-a2

74982a => 74982-a1
74982b => 74982-a2

Old parts, at the Part Tracker
47223 => 47223a
47223a => 47223a-a1
47223b => 47723a-a2
47223c => 47723a-a3

Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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