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LDView scans all the *.dat files in the parts and p directories. It then looks for official release info like the following:

0 !LDRAW_ORG Part UPDATE 2004-03

It then takes the last part from the above (2004-03 in this case), and keeps track of the greatest one of those that it finds. It then uses that as its indicator of the current LDraw release installed.

If you mess up your parts directory and install an update manually when you don't have an accurate version of the previous release already there, then LDView isn't going to fix it for you. It pre-supposes that you stared out with a good release (complete), and then applied updates either via LDView, or correctly via some other means.

I want to state that I consider this to be pedantically correct behavior. To the best of my knowledge, the only way to verify that you have all the parts in a given release is to install that release's complete file. If you mess up the contents of your LDraw directory, you need to either fix it yourself, or delete it and let LDView start over. If you use LDView to install the parts in the first place, and then do all your updating via LDView, you will never run into any problems, unless a broken release is posted as official on ldraw.org (which to the best of my knowledge has never happened).
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