A question of priorities...

Re: A question of priorities...
I think you're basically right with your gripes... Here are a few "excuses" that may explain:
- We are a few Fabuland fans on PT, combined with my laser scanner... you get the idea. This fad should come soon to an end since I only have 3 more heads to scan Wink
- A library with old parts is one of the strong point of LDraw over LDD
- Very recent parts are done and released, such as the 92438 8x16 plate or the 91176 support 2 x 2 x 13
- Some reminder here may be helpful too, sometimes parts just get forgotten!
- and for the many parts in the limbo.... more reviewers on PT would really be helpful (and to a lesser extend more authors). We are not all interested in the same topics, so more people mean not only more throughput, but also a broader range of interests, parts available, etc...
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