Modelling the inside of parts

Modelling the inside of parts
Under what circumstances and to what extent should the inside of a part be modelled?
The reason I'm asking this is that I'm working on the PF Track points and their 9V counterparts have the entire inside detailed in the part; the bottom cover is a complete part and everything below it is modelled too.
Personally I don't see any use or need for these details. That bottom cover is not intended to be removed and I'd say 99% of owners never have and never will.
In comparison, for example the PF motors don't have their insides modelled; the shell components are only drawn as far as they can be seen without disassembling the part.
Are there rules or guidelines about this? My intention would be to build the track points like the PF motors; only model what you can see. This would also affect the Monorail track switch that's being discussed elsewhere.
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