Mesh terrain experimentation

RE: Mesh terrain experimentation
(2015-08-23, 4:30)Michael Horvath Wrote: Here's my workflow right now. The scale is increased to baseplate sizes instead of bricks.

"Stepped" just means that height coordinates have been rounded to integer multiples of 24LDU, or the height of a LDraw brick. I wrote three tools "terrain_stepper.js", "terrain_splitter.js" and "terrain_colorer.js" to process the heightmaps after they have been imported into LDraw. They are available in the Datsville code on Source Forge.

LSculpt doesn't work at baseplate scales, unfortunately. I haven't worked out what to do about that yet.

Hi Michael, and others,

Old post, new reply:
Does anyone have a simple landscape (hill) generator for LDraw?
I have been working in LDCad in the past with heightmap generators and Roland once provided a landscape lua script, but none have undergone further development, like this one. Which looks most promising.

I currently have a project that needs some simple hills and I was looking for a way to generate them.
Any ideas?
Jaco van der Molen
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