Mesh terrain experimentation

Mesh terrain experimentation

I've been experimenting with terrain again for Datsville. The idea is that if the slope of the terrain is lower than a certain value, studs should be applied (currently, 1x1 plates). If the slope of the terrain is greater than that value, the mesh remains smooth and un-studded. The results are interesting, but don't look all that great. I could make better use of World Machine's terracing feature.

[Image: 20770773065_868243ca08_c.jpg]
[Image: 20149011194_51852d3003_c.jpg]

You can download the files here:

The file "mesh_wrapper.ldr" is the one to look at in LDView.


The project is on GitHub now.

And I wrote a wiki article.

Still a very complicated process however.
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