Heightmap to brick converter?

RE: Heightmap to brick converter?
(2018-06-25, 19:57)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2018-06-25, 12:34)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: I get this error:

[string "landscape.lua"]:11: module 'heightmap' not found:
    no field package.preload['heightmap']
    no file 'C:\Users\mj\AppData\Roaming\LDCad 1.6b\scripts\default\global\heightmap.lua'
    no file 'C:\Users\mj\AppData\Roaming\LDCad 1.6b\scripts\default\modules\heightmap.lua'
    no file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\LDCad 1.6b\heightmap.dll'
    no file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\LDCad 1.6b\..\lib\lua\5.3\heightmap.dll'
    no file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\LDCad 1.6b\loadall.dll'
    no file '.\heightmap.dll'
Script main run failed.
Did you put the loose heightmap.lua file in the global folder and not its whole containing folder.

Oops, my mistake. I put the entire folder "heightmap" with heightmap.lua, readme and licence.
It works now, though it still times out on 32x32.
16x16 works fine.

This looks all very promising!

[edit] On another PC 32x32 also works. 48x48 most of the time. 64x64 times out most of the time.
Jaco van der Molen
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