Heightmap to brick converter?

RE: Heightmap to brick converter?
(2018-06-18, 13:40)Gerald Lasser Wrote:
(2015-08-15, 5:21)Michael Horvath Wrote: Thanks! But, there seems to be a limit on the "max size" a model can be. Not sure how to get around that.
What area (in studs/baseplates) are you talking about? 

Do you want to import a greyscale image that represents a height map?

My project is based on x and z coordinates of dots in a grid that have a certain height.
The source would be an excel file.
What I am looking for is a way to translate that, using 1x1 plates and bricks laying out a mosaic like "terrain".

What I can make now is this:
A dot at point x,z at height 1 translates to a 1x1 plate
A dot at height 2  translates to two stacked 1x1 plates
A dot at height 3 translates to a 1x1 brick

The next step I want to make is to be able to calculate the stack at any height.
So a dot at height 4 is a brick and one plate stacked
A dot at height 5 is a brick and two plates stacked
Height 6 is 2 bricks
Height 7 is 2 bricks and one plate
And so forth.

No idea so far how to do that.
Any thoughts. Undecided Huh
Jaco van der Molen
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