Train track 'resolution'

Re: Train track 'resolution'
I'm thinking of primitive substitution here. 8 /16 / 48 is our current choises of primitives, low/normal/high resolution.
What would be the next one? very hi-res? 96 or 192? Os something else?

I can see, and understand why 256, or 512, is the best choise here, based on the design of the part.
This part is 1/16th of a full circle. Placed on four sleepers/ties. 4x16=64. 64x4=256 or 64x8=512

Since this part/subpart is made without using primitives, it doesn't matter.
Maybe I got "sidetracked", playing around with the numbers here, trying to understand it. ;-)

But the question is somewhat interesting. How do different software work with primitive substitution?
LDView seams to 'recalculate' rather than 'substitute' primitives.
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