LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha bug hunt help needed
Owen Dive Wrote:Sorry, I can't help you there - I haven't experienced an actual crash of this program for a long time.
Well, I must have cursed myself - I got some crashes this afternoon.

Here's how I reproduce it:
1) From a new session, begin a new file
2) Add a submodel
3) Add a part to the submodel
4) Add the submodel to the main model
5) In the parts pane, go to Overview/Used in step. There should be one copy of one part.
6) The main model should consist of one submodel. Try to replace the submodel with the part by double-clicking the part in the parts pane.
7) On my machine at least, I get a Windows dialog that says "LDCad has stopped working" and tries to diagnose the problem. It can't, so all I can do is close the program.
Of course, sometimes it does that, and sometimes it replaces the submodel as expected. My hypothesis is that there's a race condition between the delete and the insert - if the delete happens first, the part is no longer in the list of parts used in this model, so there's nothing to insert. Or I could be completely wrong.

Sorry to bring this up so close before the release of Beta 1.

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