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Roland D. Wrote:(1) Is it somehow possible to apply a certain order to the part bin of all models (all models currently loaded), respectively to sort this part bin by the number or name of the submodel? Furthermore is it possible to fix the main model on top of the part bin (first position).
For building models having a lot of submodels I would highly appreciate to find a certain submodel very quickly. Actually my part bin is in absolute disorder.
The all models group is currently sorted by description, but now I think about it, this is probably not a good thing to do. I will change it to the model filename in the default bin for the next version.

The sorting order is given in the group's configuration file (allModels.pbg) trough the field 'sortOn'. You can change that field to something more to your liking yourself but you might have to do it again after an upgrade if it differs from the default. Unless you create a new / additional group for it by copying the pbg file. See also http://www.melkert.net/LDCad/tech/partBin

If you are comfortable working with config (ini) files you could setup a whole alternative bin structure to make things more to your liking. I would recommend to wait with the overview ones until Beta 1 of 1.5 is ready though. This because I'm in the middle of changing those groups rules wise.

Roland D. Wrote:(2) Adding a new step is actually done via “append a new building step after the last one”. Is it possible to insert a new building step right after the actual building step (which is not meant to be the last one)?
In the step menu there is an insert, it will insert a step meta before the current active one. There is also an option to insert a step meta before the current selected item in the same menu.

If you are using the 1.5 Alpha version you can insert a step meta anywhere using the source window. Just select any existing step meta and press 'ins' or drag a step meta from the part bin (root/special parts/LDraw meta's).
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