LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 4 (win+linux)
I've uploaded Alpha 4

You'll find it at

The major new feature is: LDraw file monitoring and reloading upon external changes.

As a result of these changes it is now also, finally, possible to close models you don't need anymore using the new 'close' tab in the top right session panel.

Please note the reloading stuff was somewhat harder to implement then I thought/ hoped so it might not be 100% stable jet.

I've also added an experimental Linux setup script to the Linux archive versions. This script will try to integrate LDCad into the xwindows environment given the distribution in question uses the free desktop file structures (which most seem to do).

The script installs files user independent, adds LDCad to the application menu and tries to associate ldr and mpd files with the main executable.

As this script is experimental please use it with care. I've tested it successfully on Ubuntu 15.04, Kubuntu 15.04, Open Suse 13.2 and Debian 7.5

It didn't seem to work for Slackware though, but this can be the result of me using the live version of the Slackel variant so it might work better on a fully installed environment. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the setup.sh script please let me know.

For the full list of changes see the changeLog.txt in the docs folder.
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