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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha Model Overview Thoughts
Michael Horvath Wrote:I am not sure what you should do.

MLCAD does not prompt you when a sub-model has changed. But you can click the "Revert" button and it will reload everything from the disk, including any saved changes to sub-models. But then, MLCAD does not support multiple sessions.

Pov-Ray only prompts you about unsaved sub-models when you try to render the parent model.
I've got session (file) closing / manual reloading / file detection reloading roughly working it will be available in Alpha 4 (later this week I hope).

Michael Horvath Wrote:I still think if you are going to allow multiple sessions per instance, you should show tabs for each session.
I agree on adding tabs it's just very ineffective when e.g. working with your datsville, so I'm still thinking about how to change it. This is also why the part bin approach is still my own preferred / intended method for model/session navigation though but I will be adding tabs in one way or another (maybe just bookmarks or something) in the 1.6 version.

Michael Horvath Wrote:I just installed the latest alpha. Which menu shows the list of sessions? I can't find it.
The session menu is reachable by clicking the filename in the top right this hasn't changed (yet).
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