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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha Model Overview Thoughts
Milan Vančura Wrote:Therefore I'd prefer:

1. "session" is always per MPD file - I do not want to close a submodel only
2. top menu -> Model -> Sessions showing a list of sessions == MPD files. Similar to "Windows" menu in another GUI applications
3. the top-right navigation containing a list of submodels in the current model only - in the end, this navigation is placed inside the Editing window and so I expect it to be relative to the current MPD open in that Editing Window
4. closing a session should be equal to closing the MPD (i.e. while closing LDCad itself). This way there will be no confusion.
I think you are right only files should be closable not individual editing sessions.
Tabbed views is something that has been asked before and my main concern about them is limited space. Take a couple of long file names and you could have only a handful of tabs before you need to scroll or use multiline tabs etc. As a result of this I have been thinking about adding a bookmark system so you can choose what models you want a tab displayed for and may limit that to the simple 1, 2, 3 tabs like the bins. Not sure about any of that though Smile

There will be a new bin group 'top level models' though, which always display all the main mpd models ('{m}') currently loaded.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:...and so I somehow regret that LDCad is now single instance (I generally open one instance on both models) - but I guess multi-instance was causing other issues.
There is no real problem in using multiple instances except the last closed program will 'win' config files write wise. The main reason for single instance is so you can use file association in an expected manner. If you want you can still disable it by creating/editing LDCad.cfg see also http://www.melkert.net/LDCad/tech/config

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:What about a tabbed view, with one tab per mpd?
This will probably solve the crowded problem until you try to open something like datsville Smile

Thanks for the input Milan and Philllippe.
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