LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

LDCad 1.5 Alpha Model Overview Thoughts
Hi all I've been working on LDraw file reloading this weekend and this indirectly forces me to rethink the open model list you can access by clicking the model/file name at the top right.

That list shows all currently loaded editable (sub)files. This list has been bothering me from the beginning as it gets crowded very fast and in doing so it basically becomes useless. And the list was never intended to be the main model navigation anyway, that should be done using the special overview bins.

Anyhow now models (technically editing sessions) can be closed the list becomes even more confusing as closing a model doesn't necessary mean the associated file will also be closed (MPD or file still used by another model etc). In my current Alpha 4/Beta 1 code I therefore decided to change the list into an 'open editing session' list instead of an 'all models etc' list. This means when you open a mpd the list will only show a single item (the main model) until you open one of the submodels by double click or through the overview bin. Closing a session will remove it again and release all undo info etc. I'm also considering to completely drop the menu altogether.

Problem I'm having and would like some feedback on is what to do with file changes upon closing a session combined with MPD's. Meaning if you close any session with changes and choose to 'revert' them it will revert all models in that file (managed in different sessions) or should an mpd not be able to close individual submodels at all?

I'm curious about the thoughts of anybody familiar with LDCad in regards to these issues, in short would you mind loosing the model list menu and or do you think the session oriented approach is better/understandable.

Hope this is somewhat clear as I've been dubbing about it myself for a couple of days now Smile
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