LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

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Niklas Buchmann Wrote:What I meant is this: Let's say I'm in the "normal plates" category and the filter is set to "8", showing me only eight-long plates. Now I need a twelve-long plate. What I have to do is click once to delete the filter, click again to create a new filter, enter "12" on the keyboard and press enter. In SR 3d builder this was one single click on the "12" button next to the filter/search input area.
I see but the 8/12 buttons is what I called templates. As in this case a template would be a filter preset you can reapply in someway (e.g. a button). I'll have to figure out how to add this without using (too much) bin space though.

Niklas Buchmann Wrote:When you open the filter dialog, the previously entered filter text is still in the input field so in order to enter a new text, you first have to delete the old text. I think it would be more comfortable if the text was selected by default so you can overwrite it or if it was deleted altogether.
Great idea I'll add it to the next 1.5 version. Alternatively, in the 1.5 version, you can now also press the esc key (while mouse is on the bin filter text) to reset the filter text.
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