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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
Milan Vančura Wrote:Do you have a full list of what's new in Alpha 2? (So I can test everything.)

Full list of changes is always in the changeLog.txt file in the docs folder, the Alpha 2 section is this:

--==1.5 Alpha 2 (26-05-2015)==--
- [Misc] Fixed (minor) memory leaks after playing around with valgrind.
- [PartBin] Fixed major memory leaks caused by continuous re-rendering of overview (mpd) groep items.
- [PartBin] Find selection (again) no longer crashes the application.
- [SourceWin] Removed the extra space between '//' and text for the comment meta's.
- [SourceWin] Moving lines from one path to another now acts like expected.
- [SourceWin] Moving groups around will now automatically ungroup things ending up in a different subfile in order to prevent group file io problems.
- [Editing] Zooming a multi-view window using the spacebar now again works like it should.
- [Editing] path/spring auto group handling no longer causes all kinds of problems when using multiple dynamic parts.
- [Editing] Workpart insertion now always uses the 'rest' properties of the item to be inserted while rendering the to be added part. This was noticeable the most while adding path points.
- [Editing] Path/spring content should now regenerate correctly after all undo operations.
- [Editing] ctrl+home will now correctly use any group center settings.
- [Springs] Spring point and anchors no longer fail to render the editing pin while selected. This also solves them misbehaving while moving start/end groups around.
- [Examples] Corrected the misaligned front bumper on the 5571 model.

- [Menus] Reorganized the view menu to include the new part/color/source window items and moved the old view content to a new 'editing view' submenu.
- [Menus] Toggle items can now be navigated to the preceding option value by using right mouse clicks.
- [Templates] Removed the spaces in the "elecCable 1Wide" and "elecCable 2Brick" template filenames.
- [ColorBin] ctrl+LBM on any of the history items will apply that color to the selection. ctrl+LBM on a wheel segment will do the same.
- [SourceWin] You can now start dragging selected lines  after the last selection click without having to release it first.
- [SourceWin] A different menu will be opened depending on the click location.
- [SourceWin] Changed RMB/MMB behaviour to match editing window.
- [Editing] shift+LMB will now always only the current working part to the selected. It no longer acts different when a selection is active.
- [Paths] New path points will no longer be forced in front of the last one if there are no end caps present for the path or the path is looped.

- [LDraw] Added full support for using compressed library's (e.g complete.zip) without having to unpack them to disk first.
- [LDraw] (Color)configuration files can now be set relative to the LDraw search paths. This was needed for use combined with compressed libraries, but it also prevents having to change both the search and the color file configuration while e.g. swapping libraries.
- [HeaderDlg] Added a button to load the default author and license values.
- [SourceWin] Hot racking between the source and editing windows can now optionally be synchorinzed.
- [SourceWin] The selection can be kept into view by using one of the 'follow selection' options.
- [SourceWin] Added 'scroll to selection', 'expand all' and 'collapse all' items to the source window menu.
- [Editing] It is now possible to drag selected lines from the source window into the editing view to start manipulating their position. The other ways around (dragging the selection into the source window to change their source location) is now also possible.
- [Examples] Added 5541.mpd

Known issues and limitations:
- [LDraw] Scientific notation (e.g.. 1.323E12) is not supported in LDraw line content.
- [LDraw] LDraw files containing concave quads will render wrong as they are currently processed as if they are twisted.
- [Editing] During nesting mode some parts will be rendered at the wrong place while moving existing parts around, if those parts live in an sub model that's used more then once in the main model of the session. This is not a big issue because one set of the selection will be at the correct place, and your eye will be on them most of the time.
- [Scripting] For now only the type 1 LDraw line references can be manipulated, full access to the path/spring parts is pending.
- [Scripting] File changes to lua files will only be detected for the main script, if the script uses additional modules (include files) a manual reload will be required after changes to them.
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