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Owen Dive Wrote:One question though: it looks like the source viewer treats each line as atomic - an object to be shifted around to where it needs to go, but not changed at all (except possibly indenting). Do/will we have the ability to adjust position/rotation values from the source viewer?
Yes the lines inside the source window are managed as single objects (subclasses) not plain text. You can edit most common ones using a dedicated property dialog and I do plan to add more and more overtime. The prop dlg is opend by pressing enter (or MMB in alpha 2) while a line is selected.

All type 0 lines have a specialized dialog or will at least use the comment property dialog.

Type 1 lines use the same dialog you get when you click on the info panel in the 3d area. They represent the whole selection but you actually set the first reference's matrix (in abs coordinates if nesting is on).

Currently part level (2..5) lines don't have editors at all but I might add some of them as snap info editing is pending for 1.5.
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