LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
Thank you for your answer, Roland. I'm looking forward for next Alpha.

Roland Melkert Wrote:
Milan Vančura Wrote:* also, it would be nice to have a number of step shown, for example an icon at the beginning of the line (i.e. white ellipsis with a step number)
* an indicator/icon showing the piece on this line is hiddenl
I was thinking about adding icons to indicate grouping/hiding but thought it would take up to much space like the col/exp indent does while no submodels are used. I could however gray out hidden lines.

You're right about hidden parts: gray out is better then an icon. If you change the color of that line text only, it may be safely combined with a different background indicating current step.

For step number: I think that's safe to add an icon there because you can use the column for "plus" indicator on the left. It cannot be that the same line is both a step and a submodel reference.

Roland Melkert Wrote:'Scroll to selection', and 'follow selection' will be available in Alpha 2.
Features about selection are nice but the same for steps will be very handy. Imagine: one presses PgDown, new step is shown in 3D area, the source windows scrolls down and the new current step is highlighted. Great, isn't it? Smile

Roland Melkert Wrote:I was thinking about adding an option to limit the rendered source to the 'current step' or 'up to current step'.

This looks too intrusive for me. I always want to be able to see the whole model, for example to be able to move parts to another step, even forward. I believe it would be enough if lines of the current step had different color of background and there was a hotkey to scroll the source window to show the current step. And another to start the automatic mode 'follow the current step' - as discussed above.

Roland Melkert Wrote:Once things are a bit more stable/finished I was planning to fully support some thirdparty meta highlighting and property wise. First on the list are the LPub ones.
Oh, that's not an easy job. I was surprised how many meta commands LPub uses... Great you are brave enough to plan such a work Smile

Roland Melkert Wrote:New in 1.5 is the option to do keyboard move's while the pin is in rotation mode by using ctrl+arrows. You can also disable the projection mapping so up/down is always the y-axis etc. I like the color coding suggestion might take that up in a future version.
Thanks for a tip, it really works Smile My idea adds two point to that: firstly the visual control: no more doubt about what's the left-right direction and what's the up-down one. And secondly my idea adds a chance to work in all three dimensions at the same time. That's very handy when you position new part in "non-standard way" or part-snapping data is missing or too many parts are around.

Roland Melkert Wrote:Yes using the snap info pos/ori would be nice to have indeed, but like you say it's difficult to implement gui (indication) wise.
I know. I just wanted to support you, to show you it's not only you who finds this feature useful Smile
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