MLCad ~movedto buggy???

Re: MLCad ~movedto buggy???
And yet, it works somehow, anyway...
We do have many examples of moved and rotated parts, by Moved to-files.

I made a similar attempt to edit the Move to-file.
The first line is read, and a replacement is done. 3001 instead of u9131.
But the transformation matrix line seems to be only read the first time a new Moved to-file is found by MLCad. It is not possible to make it read it again. Any edited move to-file is ignored. LDview and LDCad do read the edited file and show a 'deformed' result.

Could it be that MLCad somehow records and remembers each new Move to-file?

Here are some more strange things MLCad does.

When I open MLCad, it performs a scan of my library. The file parts.lst is read, but also all the first lines of every header in my library. Any file with a updated/changed description placed in unofficial\parts is showed in MLCad as a useable part. Both parts will be usable if the old description is present in parts.lst even if you delete the old file from parts folder.

Try this. Create a new file 'abc.dat'. Give it the description "Blue box" and place a blue box-prim in it. Save it in the parts folder.
Add 'abc.dat' and 'Blue box' somewere in 'parts.list'
Place a copy of the file in unofficial\parts, but change colour of the box to red and add the word 'red' to the description. Open MLCad and you will find two parts called 'Blue box' and 'Blue box red', but you'll only see blue boxes.

Close MLCad and delete the file in parts folder. Reopen it and you will still see both parts, but now they are red.

It was earlier possible to edit the file mlcad.grp, but today it is obsolete. The information is stored inside the registry.

I know for a fact that it is impossble to remove, or move, the file 'stud.dat'. MLCad will simply stop working.
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