New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM

Re: New header meta proposal: 0 !BOM
Seen from an instruction point of view there are currently two different ways to display the annotation:
- Number in a Circle: Axle Length
- Number in a Square: Beam Length and Type of Technic Panel.

In this case the unit for the length is what you call "L", for the Panels may be nothing, may be "TYPE"

Seen from digital building, the annotation for the Axles might be the most interesting in the context Philo mentioned. The Technic Panels would be pretty visible in the icon which they represent, however if shown it is not bad in my opinion.

Parts that may be difficult to distinguish might also be Tires...

so I would (at least) like

0 !ANNOTATION <mm|cm|L|ldu|pcs|mm2|mm3|TYPE> VALUE

e.g. for a panel:
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