Translate old colour codes

Re: Translate old colour codes
I understand the code in the following way:
To get the new value for red/green/blue you have to sum the red/green/blue values and divide it by two.

An example:
You want to mix the LDraw-Colours blue (1) and Orange (25)
RGB of blue: 0055BF
RGB of orange: FE8A18

Now take the first to positions: 00 and FE -> sum is FE -> divide by two makes 7F
Now position three and four: 55 and 8A -> sum is DF -> divide by two makes 6F
Now position five and six: BF and 18 -> sum is D7 -> divide by two makes 6B

New colour is 7F6F6B

Please note that the windows calculator can handle hex data in the programmer mode (Win Vista and Win 7).

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