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Re: Modernizing The Spec [Poll]
I'm abstaining from voting because a) I'm not application/program developer of LDraw tools, and have no plan to do so in the immediate future, and b) I'm barely a part author/reviewer, although that mainly has to do with my work lately which has been crazy.

However, this is a topic I feel is very important for this community. Moving forward, I feel like LDraw needs to modernize and keep up with technology, or risk becoming out-dated, out-moded, and otherwise fading into obscurity.

I also feel this isn't matter that shouldn't be jumped into lightly or quickly, but one that carefully considered by all. The LDraw community needs to reach out to developers, authors, and reviewers, past and present, and look for ideas and opinions from them. Then, as much as is possible, form a plan that suits as many as possible while still pushing the standard forward into the future.

I very often feel that the LDraw community is too bogged down and mired in the past, clinging desperately to the dream of perfect backwards compatibility. And while this is a very noble cause, I feel it has caused this community to stagnate and decay. Instead of welcoming new ideas and new technologies, they are often viewed fearfully with the phrase "but that could break backwards compatibility" being uttered, while others nod along solumnly, "we must never break the backwards compatibility."

Now, I apologise if this sounds harsh or mean, as that is not my intention. Rather, it is my wish to galvanize this community into action. Don't fear the Spector of the Past, but have a Vision of the Future (bonus nerd points if you get this reference). Think forward, not backwards.

Please don't misunderstand my intent here, either. I'm not suggesting you throw out everything and start fresh. I'm not suggesting you wantonly throw out backwards compatibility altogether. I'm suggesting you find a way to work with everyone... developers, authors, reviewers, etc... and find a way to move into the future together. Because yes, it's likely going to result in a lot of work... FOR EVERYONE! And I know that's not easy or fun. But if done correctly, if done as a team... as a community... as a group of people working to make something bigger and better than the sum of it's parts, well, then I think it could be something pretty special.
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