I need a fast and frugal renderer

Re: I need a fast and frugal renderer
I agree that with you that your system seems powerful enough. I also agree that the initial load time for files isn't one of LDView's strong points. (It is on my list of things to try to improve.) One thing you can do now to improve load time in LDView (at the expense of rendering performance) is to set the "Memory usage" setting in LDView's General tab in Preferences to "Low". This will skip the final step in the model load. (For the OpenGL programmers out there, the final step is display list compile, which takes a little bit of time, and tends to use a lot of memory.)

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make a very big impact on load time. On my test computer, Orion's rendition of 10030 loads in about 5.8 seconds with memory usage set to "High", and 5.4 seconds with memory usage set to "Low". Frame rate once loaded has a bigger difference, with 42FPS when set on "High", and 27FPS when set on "Low". Please note that both load times were timed with my stopwatch that only has .2 second accuracy, and both were timed for a reload (F5), since the first load of the file has to load all the parts from disk, while subsequent loads get them from the cache. Since I didn't feel like rebooting my computer between test runs, that's the best timing info I have.
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