I need a fast and frugal renderer

I suggest improving the existing tools instead of adding more
I used to use L3Lab as well for a long time, but then switched to LDView finally and am happy now.

The problem in my eyes currently seems to be that each tool has its advantages
in some special features, and it may fall behind in some other aspect, e.g. loading performance etc.

So what could be a possible solution of this? In my eyes, creating even another tool will not solve this problem.
That tool might be better in some aspect which the tool's author has in main focus, but again,
it will lack some feature, or will have other problems.
Of course it is tempting to create new tools, especially as a developer.
However, my suggestion would be to get in contact with the authors of the existing tools
and help them work on improving their tools. I think that the benefit in sum for the community
will be bigger than having yet-another-tool-with-pros-and-cons.

When I had contacted Travis in some BFC regards of the LDView tool some time ago,
I was simply amazed how fast he responded, and also the code changes appeared
even the next day. Of course, improving the loading speed of LDView will take longer
and will take some investigation and experiments, but doing that in the long range
IMHO will be a better solution than having 2 tools: one spinning fast, and one loading fast :-D :-D
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