Adding simple mechanic tags as a recommendation to standard

Re: Adding simple mechanic tags as a recommendation to standard
Ben, All,

If I want to make animated model, I have to:
- make a model in a CAD,
- hand-edit it in text mode to add my specific tags for rigid group definition,
- write some script (in my nxt-inspired way).

It is not that I do not like to hand edit text files... but I would prefer to do this in CAD. And - then - I could use this model either for my own needs or do some movie, or do anything else without adding app-specific tags.

Also, I see that LDCAD, brigl, my own viewer are having more-or-less similar systems for rigid definitions. LDCAD also stores animation separately as a LUA script, while rigid definition is stored internally in a file. No one tries to achieve universal physics engine as far as I know - animation/physic is left to some scripting or hardcoded. (I do not have sr3d, so I cannot comment on it).

That is, in my case I model most of engines as a first order inertia. Other behaviours ( car, tank, slip, etc.) are defined separately in simulator. I do not believe that they can be shared.

What I mean by hierarchy is to be able to express models like SCARA arm. It does require hierarchy.

Models like oil derek either require making cycle in hierarchy (and IK solver), or expressing the constrain as a rather complicated math formula. Currently I am using second option, but I'm not enthusiastic about it. I guess that it somewhat fits "pose data" definition that was mentioned.

I agree about lsynth and deformable parts.

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