Adding simple mechanic tags as a recommendation to standard

Re: Adding simple mechanic tags as a recommendation to standard
Defining my own way is definetly the way I would like to avoid (if possible). I would love to share Smile

I prepared some graphics to show the idea. First is animation groups: I want to define objects that does not move in relation to each other in one group.

[Image: groups.png]

By defining the name or number for each group, I can pick them with my prefered language (lua/nxt/other) with ease. This is what I do propose with simplest version. Nothing more.


First extension of my proposal is to define how animation groups move with relation to each other.
Lets take rotational movement as an example:

[Image: groups_rotation.png]

I can define animation group 2 position as a rotation in relation to group 1, having rotation axis and rotation point (ANIMATION_ROTATE).

But there is problem with group 3, that does rotate in relation to group 2. Thus my statement: animation groups can be encapsulated with each other (which solves group 3).

Similar mechanism can be defined for linear movement, where only linear vector have to be defined. (ANIMATION_MOVE)


Next thing is that some animation groups can be connected with gears. They do rotate around different rotation axis/point, but with same proportional speed. This is why I do introduce <variable_id> and <scale> - variable will connect animation groups. And this is variable that shall be exposed to scripting language (lua/nxt/other)


The last thing is most complicated - when only part of referenced object will rotate (like NXT engine rotor). This requires mechanism similar to color 16/24 that can be inherited by referenced object.


I do believe that this fits into 'skeleton system' definition. And I would love to use LDcad for complete definition of my models, without using notepad-way :-)

Best regards,
Jakub Trznadel
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