Introducing a second HL library?

Re: Introducing a second HL library?
Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Would a 'simple' tool correct those errors? Can LDCad do that?
LDCad currently corrects (from memory have to check for exact listing): non flat quads (2 triangles), hourglass quads, ref captions, duplicate points (quad to triangle, con line to nor line) and all zero matrix col/rows.

These corrections are made (at the ldraw line level) in memory after parsing they are just never written (although code for writing 2..5 lines is present). So with a couple of small adjustments I could make a special version which would rewrite those corrected files when e.g. save all is used.

After which a tool like winmerge could visualize the changes in regards to the original 2014-01 lib in order to do a quick check.

Or I could just limit the saved corrections to hourglass and non flat quads if you think the other ones need intensive human intervention/checkups.
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