Introducing a second HL library?

Re: Introducing a second HL library?
Willy Tschager Wrote:So what?! I love when someone pops in from time to time making a lot of fuss how and what should be change - better WE should change - and then vanishes into thin air right afterwards:


well, if you're talking about me, i'm not vanished, i'm here and i expressed my points of view in these posts and replies. Some people replied but if discussion stops there's no point in talking alone Smile Maybe there's no real interest in changing things, which i'm ok with.

also, i didn't even "popped in". Much to my surprise, my project brigl got picked up by most major lego sites, lately on brickset where i expressed my opinions on ldraw. My comments on brickset were discussed in here. So i just felt like i had to reply.

I already stopped working on brigl years ago, when i found that i was unable to craft the delicate algorithms required to make ldraw work on modern tools (such as Three.js) and lost interest.

So you can think i'm a poor programmer who couldn't get his algorithms together and pretends that everybody else changes theirs, and that's a legit point of view, but i still think that all the extra work needed to deal with the ldraw format is completey superfluous and only stems from some bad/outdated foundations of the architecture. When you find yourself wasting days to fix a problem that you know shouldn't even be there, you lose motivation.

As for helping, as i said i'm not a C/C++ programmer, and onestly i don't have the time to learn a new language. I can work with java and of course javascript, if there's anything that can be done with them i'd love to.

Tomorrow i'll write some more details about my ideas Smile
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