Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions

Re: Lic - a tool for creating LEGO building instructions
Hello Jarema,
I just played a little with lic 0.8.501, which was very, very nice! Thank you!
I tried the attached locomotive model.
When I create instructions for it, the tool sometimes messes up the colors.
The locomotive is built in color 16.
In your generated instructions, it appears as color 0 (black) sometimes,
and sometimes in transparent yellow (looks funny).
I suspect that the tool somehow mixes up the colors of the bricks being added
(my model uses 1x1 round plates for the front lights)
and uses that color for the model.
See this screenshot:    

When I use this model, I additionally get this error message in lic.log:
"UnknownDeliverer => Could not find LDraw Color: 24 - Using Black"
Colors 16 and 24 should be supported by the tool.
Optionally, the user should be enabled to decide which colors should be used for them,
but by default a simple grey would do it.

Personal remark:
I personally would have better liked it if you had put the code to instead of

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