Thoughts on animation scripting language

Re: Thoughts on animation scripting language
Quote:Have you planned access/interaction with path data? I mean not only changing control points, etc., but for example measuring path length or setting a position/orientation along a path.

I'm not sure changing the dynamic parts through script will be in the first version, as it needs some changes to the way they are regenerated at the moment. But they will be scriptable in the long run. Or do you mean a spline like function for plotting e.g. the route of a minifig? If so there are probably already lua libraries for that. I've set up the ldc.matrix object so it also excepts 12 numbers (ldraw style matrix), that way you can link it to any third party lua library doing (more complicated) matrix/quat/etc math.

Quote:Any helping functions you can add for things like the mechanism in the first of these models would be welcome too (ball joints, fixed lengths, sliding axles).

At the moment I'm working with the idea to keep the C++ callback api very basic, so a special lua object for common objects (matrix, group, ldraw ref line, etc). On top of that you could build pure lua libraries which might 'hide' the internal matrix stuff and let people work with just angles / predefined functionality (e.g. steering rack) etc.

That said I do plan to add special (joint) info to groups which would expose e.g. the rotation vector for a gear/minfig arm to the scripting side so you don't have to know the exact placement of stuff to rotate a minifig arm. The additional group info would also allow for interaction with those 'joints', the script could then handle realtime dependency calculations.

Thanks for the input
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