Thoughts on animation scripting language

Re: Thoughts on animation scripting language
Thanks for sharing,

If I understood correctly your animation sequence does interpolation based on start and end angles over subsets of time (similar to the move to action in LD4D).

I think the LUA approach I hinted on in the big example script a few posts above is kinda similar, with one big difference everything can be defined by the user on top of a default set of base objects (e.g. group, matrix and type 1 line -wrappers). This is possible because when you do e.g. a=b, a will inherit all functions and data from b, and you can then create additional functions for a without changing b (standard out of the box LUA). So you could do different things for arms then you would do for legs etc. But all still get the basic API stuff from the group object.

And in the end you use all that to describe the movements based a global timer (like your LDA). But you could also use the custom functions to do e.g. position look-ups (stop animation), or real-time kinetics (no timer, just responses to external actions).

I might be a bit rambling here, because I'm still in the dreaming up stage of it all Smile But again thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'll take a closer look at LDA once I'm ready to start 1.4 for real (I need to fix a couple of bugs in 1.3 first in order to get beta 2 ready).
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