Thoughts on animation scripting language

Re: Thoughts on animation scripting language
Currently I'm working with the assumption to create a (very dynamic) LUA scripting environment only. On top of that I could later build wizards or automatic generation to help less experienced users.

API wise iI'm thinking about things like Matrix tools, LDraw group/model access and animation timers. A user then can use those lowlevel tools to write a script which will be able to animate a complete clock based on e.g. the winding tension or make technic figure do a walking sequence. And as LUA is extremly dynamic people could reuse (sub)scripts (aka modules) to reuse certain sequences or math solutions in other animations or build some kind of library of solutions to common problems. I'll be supplying the start of such a collection with things like gear / steering mechanics.

Is your LDA information online somewhere as I'm very open to suggestions.

The biggest problem with LD4D is/was it's interface I guess, it uses a object oriented interface which is very confusing for non programmers I have been told Smile

LDCad is more context and WYSIWYG orientated I'm not yet sure how to tie the scripts to the interface yet though.
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