Thoughts on animation scripting language

Re: Thoughts on animation scripting language

Quote:have you ever used SolidWorks or similar? SW has a "mating" feature that allows you to define mating relationships between components via a point-and-click interface and dialog property boxes

I have never used Solidworks but the concept is familiar, I would love to implement this in LDCad, but I also know I will never be able to hard code every kind of interaction. This is why I chosen to go the scripting route.

The described behavior is something I want to be possible using the scripting environment, but I'm not yet sure how I'm going to handle the interaction. It's ether going to be using extra information on the groups, or maybe some kind of special LDraw meta you can move around like normal parts but will also supply interaction information to the script.

Linking groups (e.g. a robot arm) for relative movement must then be taken care of by the script, it can do so by reading the extra info like freedom of movement and angle etc.

At the moment I'm not even sure if I want things to work with a single script for the top level model (like in my example above) or using a script per group pairing/collection (a bit like the mating you wrote about) or both.
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