OMR compliant examples

Re: OMR compliant examples
> Okay, I'm beginning to understand why almost none of the models posted here is OMR compliant.
> The builders just don't get what's allowed/required and what not.

May I drop my 0.02 EUR on this issue here:
this is a clear sign of unrealistic over-specification.

I had a look at the OMR rules, and they really have frightened me off:
They - to me - are over-formalistic, and take all the fun out of building.

Having these rules in place in this form, we will never get a productive OMR IMHO.
There even is no tooling to bring a non-conform model into a OMR-conform structure.

To me, creating an OMR-compliant model is 0% fun and 100% annoyance.
I just wanted to say this frankly and clear here.
I don't want to blame anyone for this, it is just my personal experience of the rules.
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