OMR compliant examples

Re: OMR compliant examples
Jude Wrote:
> The only issue I
> could find with it is that you never set a
> rotation angle which means the instructions are
> all top-down, which is especially weird for the
> minifig (and defeats the purpose of the GHOSTING
> effect). I put in some random temporary just to
> see how the ghosting works, but yeah, I'd
> recommend setting the rotation angle as close to
> the instructions as you can manage.

Honestly I have no clue what you're talking about here. Anyway the
BI is based as closely as possible to the original BI form 1979:

> Other than that, the only question I have (and
> this is less aimed at you specifically than it is
> at the specification itself): Is it really
> necessary to include the THEME, KEYWORDS, and
> HISTORY for every single submodel in the set?
> Wouldn't it be more prudent just include a single
> set of these at the beginning, in the main model?

You've got a good point here. Again, I tried to follow the OMR specs
as closely as possible just to see how the code would look like. I agree
that the header in the subs is to much.


What gripps me more right now is that apparently LPub has some trouble
with the header or the code structure and requires skills to sets LPub metas
manually to get the job done in LPub. Could some of the LPub experts get a
try on 885 - Space Scooter in order to get a look-a-like from 1979?

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