Certifiable but currently unneeded primitives

Re: Certifiable but currently unneeded primitives
I agree with Jude that voting hold for unused primitives is a very, very bad idea,
and I was a little frightened to see this happen on the PT.

Let me explain why.

Of course, the intention is good: keeping unneeded primitives from going out officially and cluttering the library. BUT: the PT release procedure already includes afaik a mechanism for that: It will only release a primitive if it is a fix for an already official one OR is a new one being used by a file to be released.

Now this mechanism has been superimposed by a second, manual one, which is redundant,
trying to achive the same effect. With bad consequences:

when a part author uses one of the unofficial primitives, his part, even when admin-certified,
will never get official because the held primitive prevents that.
he has to manually contact the pt admin by email to make him remove the hold vote.
and this has to be done for each and every file by each and every part author submitting.
many will forget that email, and their parts will drown in the "has uncertified subfiles" section of the parts list.
The previous technique was so simple and elegant! I cannot see why this had to be replaced by this brute-force and tedious,
communication-intensive, error-prone idea.

The situation has even be worsened now by other people than the pt admin, voting hold as well
for such primitives. Now those people need to be contacted as well by part authors.
they sometimes even do not have mail adresses of the hold voter.

This is all a mess. A good idea gone terribly mad.

I would like to strongly suggest to reconsider here.
Remove the hold votes on unused primitives.
Even review and certify and admin-certify them as desired.
And keep the previous technique of only releasing primitives which were already official or are really used by at least 1 file released.
So simple. So practical. So well-established. Functioning for >10 years this way now. Keep.
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