Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs

Re: Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs
No, they aren't broken. If they aren't working for you, you're doing something wrong. Note that they are 5 variations of the same thing. The first two variations just use edge lines for the logo geometry, so wouldn't show up at all in a photo-realistic render. The five studs look like so:

[Image: C542sGx.png] stud-logo.dat
[Image: c5utNwq.png] stud-logo2.dat
[Image: nSs8nzi.png] stud-logo3.dat
[Image: hdDx6Ww.png] stud-logo4.dat
[Image: dHGnafU.png] stud-logo5.dat

In my opinion, 4 looks the best, 5 looks too shallow, and 3 looks OK, with a lot lower geometric complexity.
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