Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs

Re: Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs
I tried using those full 3D by tchang from the link you provided.

  1. I downloaded the ZIP.
  2. Then I unpacked it in C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw (so now there is a subdirectory stud_logo).
  3. Then I opened console (in administrator mode so that file operations succeed!) in C:\Program Files (x86)\LDraw\ stud_logo.
  4. The batch files there seemed ordinary Windows batch files. They had wired comments starting with ‘ rather then REM – maybe that is from PowerShall or whatever – and those failed upon execution but it didn’t disturb the actual commands.
  5. First I run sav_orig.bat to store original files.
  6. Then I run logo_used_rect.bat to give a try to that version.

But nothing changed in MLCad!
  • The files did change (I checked that).
  • MLCad does use that directory (I checked that in registry; it is from all-in-one-intstaller).
  • MLCad claimed to find new parts. I think it was when I selected Parts Tree / Tree Configuration... in parts tree (upper right corner) and accepted resulting dialog. But I’m not sure now. Anyway it didn’t show which are the new parts and I don’t see any difference.

I even tried starting a new project in MLCad but that still doesn’t help. All previews, including the 3D one, still don’t show the logo.

Any advice?
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