Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs

Re: Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs
LDView can add the logo on its own programmatically.
It uses the affected stud's orientation to place it.
It uses a OpenGL texture for that purpose.
When exporting to POVRay, it adds a user-settable option to turn on and off logos.

Some people, including me, prefer to also see a logo in other tools, e.g., while doing 3D editing in MLCad. To achieve that, simply 2 files need to be exchanged:
replace stud.dat by stud-logo.dat.
replace stud2.dat by stud2-logo.dat.
The 2 mentioned files are not official yet and can be found amongst the unofficial files on the parts tracker.
They will add some trivial, minimalistic logo modeled by lines,
but which - at least for me - already brings some lego feeling.

If you want to go further and have a logo modeled fully in 3d, then you can replace the 2 mentioned files by different ones which do that:
by tchang from

We have no official solution yet how to include these 4 different stud detail levels in our library. They are:
- no logo at all
- a logo added by the tool, not the library
- a logo added by the library as thin lines
- a logo added by the library in full 3d

My suggestion is to simply include all these files in the library, and let a tool decide
which version of stud.dat or stud2.dat it wants to use. There is even a 5th possibility:
- a logo added by the library using the new !TEXMAP syntax
Again, my suggestion is to have all these in the set of official files and let the user's tools decide.

Historic tools like MLCad of course do not have such a toggle, so you there are currently forced to swap the files in the file system.
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