Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs

Molded "LEGO" on brick knobs
Many LEGO pieces have "LEGO" molded on every knob. (I think it is with every solid knob which seems to affect "System" pieces as opposed to "Technic" pieces.) In fact they happen to have other things molded as well but those are usually hidden and very across the same type of piece.

But it seems to me that LDraw somehow doesn't include that. Or at least not as "first class citizen". MLCad doesn't show such molds at all. LDView does.

So how is that stored? Judging by how LDView shows it it is not part of the 3D object but rather a "texture" (that would also explain why MLCad doesn't show it).

Why is it so? Would that be too complex to model that as well? Or is it just for historical reasons?

I surly do see potential opportunities. General building guidelines forbid some constructions as they stress the pieces too much. Among them are such that are allowed with pieces without molded "LEGO" and disallowed with others. Having the "LEGO" in 3D model would allow automatic recognition of touching edges (and thus unadvised build).

An another question associated with this topic. It seems that LEGO instructions always are written so, that the molded "LEGO" is normalized in specified directions. So that includes favoring certain pieces rotations over other mathematically equivalent.

Are LDraw pieces normalized in any way that would allow to predict orientation of the molded "LEGO" in applications that show it? (It is even more important if build editors - like MLCad - don't show it so it is not visible immediately.) Are there any programs capable of checking for such inconsistency in models or even correct them?
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