Simple renderer in .net with SharpGL (openGL)

Re: Simple renderer in .net with openTK (openGL)
Header files are just the thing that makes functions from external dll's visible/usable inside your language, so they them self need to be visual basic in your case. But when you use them they supply access to functions like 'glBegin', glDrawElemenets' etc etc . Those functions are identical no matter which language you use. So whenever an tutorial or example uses those functions you can use the same approach in any given language as long the basic OpenGL api functions are available (though language specific header files).

OpenTK seems to do just that but uses the vb function names (gl.begin instead of glBegin), but the principle remains the same, so you don't have to look for OpenTK specific tutorials, any OpenGL tutorial will do, just adjust the function names.

The intermediate mode lets you output individual points etc to make up triangles and quads etc, which is very slow / old fashioned. Modern OpenGL want's you to use buffers. When beginning with OpenGL you just as well jump right into using buffers and don't waste time understanding the old system.

As for the camera,lookat etc those are 'hidden' in the projection and modelview matrices, you can use api (glut) functions to initialize those.
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