Train track part overhaul

Train track part overhaul
I've started work on 85976, Train Track Narrow Curved. Because the connector is the same size I wondered if I could reuse some of the 9V track parts. That got my studying 2865s04.dat, Train Track 9V - Interlocking Track End. There's a lot wrong with that part; overlapping surfaces, T-junctions. After I commented in PT Michael suggested I fix the issues.
That's when I noticed there many versions of this part:
Official 2865s04.dat, Unofficial 2865s04.dat, 2865s04a.dat, 2865s04l.dat, 2865s04r.dat
They have different histories although they're based on the same original design. There are differences from fixing BFC but also small size differences.
Finally this part is specific to 9V track.
If I'm reworking this part to get rid of the technical faults I'd like take the opportunity to make it suitable for both 9V and RC. That would mean transferring a small part of the rail to the main track part. That way it should be possible to have just one subfile for all 9V and RC track pieces rather than a straight, left and right variant.
Is it ok to change 74746, 74747, 32087, 2859 and 2861? How would I keep the changes in synch?
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