OpengGL color / material properties

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Indeed. In fact, I think the scoping rules from !TEXMAP would apply equally well to any new command that specifies surface roughness. I could even see creating a !BUMPMAP meta-command that behaves just like !TEXMAP, except applying a bump-map, but with the addition of allowing for succinct specification of a procedural bump map for slopes, instead of always requiring an image file. An appropriate image file could be used for stud logos, and procedural guidelines for rough slopes. For example, the POV code used for bumpy slopes coming out of LDView is normal { bumps 0.3 scale 25*0.2 }.

Note: I've never actually done bump-mapping, so I'm not sure an actual image file is used, since those would typically only give 8 bits of precision to each of the X, Y, and Z components of the surface normals. However, I do know that something very like an image file is used, where each "pixel" specifies a surface normal modifier, instead of a color.
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