OpengGL color / material properties

OpengGL color / material properties
Hi all,

I'm playing around with making the difference between plastic and e.g. rubber parts visible in LDCad.

I've found some nice OpenGL material references but was wondering if there is some kind of 'standard' floating around. Especially for determining the diffuse, ambient and specular components based upon the single rgb supplied in LDConfig.ldr

Up to now I'm using the rgb for both diffuse and ambient, and have a static specular of 1,1,1 and shininess of 128 (which is more appropriate for chrome I'm realizing now).

I'm doing this with the standard lighting model (not shaders) for now (LDCad runs on OpenGL as low as 1.1), so I only can play with the base four components for now.
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OpengGL color / material properties - by Roland Melkert - 2013-08-25, 19:45

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