Trouble with adding new primitives.

Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
If these large bricks really do exist with and without the added detail, then we do have a way of handling that - use 2356a and 2356b.

The baseplates are a different issue. The lack of underside detail was a gross simplification at the very birth of LDraw, before many of us had the computing power to render those complex features. There has always been some simplification and the modeling non-functional details is not a requirement. I can see why, these days, realistic rendering of the underside of baseplates cild be desirable.

I'm not sure what"Steffen's solution" you refer to (a link might have been nice), but please post your ideas here first, before cluttering up the Parts Tracker with another set of baseplate revisions.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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