Putting comments into LDraw projects...

Re: Putting comments into LDraw projects...
Ahmed Elhassan Wrote:What's the point of adding comments into an LDraw project anyway?
Since no-one else addressed this specific question, here's where I use comments:

Firstly, I'll leave a comment next to a part where I think it conveys further information should I want to adjust the part at a later date. One good example is a rotated part where I will leave a note of the exact [and potentially obscure] angle I rotated so I can undo the rotation precisely later if needed. Another example is leaving a note of all the individual settings used on the Minifig generator since it doesn't allow you to edit an existing Minifig and often you'll need to recreate a Minifig from scratch just to make a minor adjustment say to the arms or something.

Secondly, I often use scripts to control my POV-Ray renders and I sometimes place very specific comment markers in the model which are read by the scripts and used in some way to alter what is being rendered.

There's probably other reasons I use comments too, those two are just the most common.
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