Putting comments into LDraw projects...

Putting comments into LDraw projects...
What's the point of adding comments into an LDraw project anyway? I've noticed that comments inserted into a project don't appear anywhere in the graphical representation of the model that they have been inserted into. They also don't seem to be visible in the graphical representations of any assembly instructions built via LPub either.

The only place where I have actually seen comments listed is in the meta commands table in LPub and in the commands window of LDraw, where they would be of no actual usefulness if they are intended to point out important information on printed instructions for a model's physical assembly.

Here is my dilemma in regards to this. When replicating an official Lego model that I have purchase for the purpose of customization or working on designing an MOC project, I sometimes find that a piece I need or want to use doesn't yet exist in LDraw. I currently have all parts available for LDraw. I took the time to download the entire un-official parts zip file and add all it's contents to LDraw's parts library. In spots where I can't find a given piece, I use a placeholder piece as a substitute for it.

That in turn creates a problem for me. I need to indicate on the assembly instructions which placeholder piece corresponds to which actual piece on the model. At first I considered using comments, but found that they don't appear in the instructions. I need a way to point this out somehow, but I am currently at a loss for a method. I am trying to think of one, but haven't been able to come up with a way so far.

Anyone know if there is a way to make comments inserted in an LDraw project actually appear in the graphical image representing it in LDraw and LPub?
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