7667 - Imperial Dropship [WIP, feedback wanted]

7667 - Imperial Dropship [WIP, feedback wanted]
This is my first attempted official model and I had some questions about the best way to improve it for inclusion in the OMR. It was created using MLCad. A few notes on questions I had, choices I made, the like:

* I haven't used any grouping, as I'm not sure how best to apply it or if there's any convention for naming groups.
* There is a detachable bit in the back. I wasn't sure whether to include this as a submodel or simply as is.
* I wasn't sure whether minifigs should be included as submodels.
* I've used steps, but no buffer exchanges/clears for displaying only the parts being worked with in the instructions. Should I do so?
* Stickers are not included, as I don't know of a good place to acquire the correct image or how to correctly create the sticker part, ensuring dimensions are accurate, etc. Is there any chance someone could help me with this or create the necessary part?
* The shadow trooper is using the stormtrooper patterns, which aren't quite accurate. I definitely do not have the skills to fix these, but not sure where I should ask to find someone willing to do the work.
* Obviously the headers aren't correct. If the above-mentioned things shouldn't be submodels, should it still be saved as an MPD. (If so, how can this be done in MLCad?)

Any other feedback that people have is welcome. I've done my best to ensure accurate part placement, but it's my first foray and I'm willing to learn. Official instructions for this model are at http://cache.lego.com/bigdownloads/build...535026.pdf.

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